Klub Layden Inc.
"A real club, for real people."
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About Klub Layden Inc.
Welcome to Klub Layden Inc's user friendly website. We are pleased to have you come and pay us a visit. We hope that any information you are seeking will be found inside these pages. The site is under constant construction so you may see changes happen during any visit.

Klub Layden Inc.is a 12600 sq ft on-premise private membership sex positive all lifestyle inclusive adult social club located in Muncie, Indiana. We are a real club for real people. At Klub Layden Inc. some come seeking sensual experiences, some to meet new friends in their lifestyle choice, some to learn, some to explore and some just to relax. Straight, Swinger, Poly, Triad, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual(male or female), Pre-Op, Leather, Furry and more we welcome you at KLUB LAYDEN INC.

Inside Klub Layden Inc. we have a nightclub style main social area, multiple video couch areas for quieter conversations and negotiations,  a game room with two pool table, multi-lighted dance floor with stripper pole as well as a mirrored second stage with pole, plenty of locker areas, custom multiple person shower, a couples only area, an in house spacious Dungeon with 12 play stations currently and many custom sensually designed private theme rooms to choose from.

On Friday and Saturday you can enjoy the snack and drink area along with the musical tunes of our own in house DJ's. We are a BYOB establishment so of course bring along your favorite to relax with. Many Fridays that the Klub is open special parties are booked into it with a variety of themes in each one. So mark the dates on your calendar and plan to come spend an evening at Klub Layden Inc..

We hope you enjoy your visit here and that you come see us soon at Klub Layden Inc in Muncie Indiana.
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